Welcome to the AMP Roadshow 2019. First stop: Africa!

Posted by Ben Morss, Developer Advocate at Google

In 2017, we started the AMP Roadshow to educate and meet developers around the world. The Roadshow is a free one-day hands-on conference and workshop for new developers and seasoned AMP wizards alike, brought to your city. In 2018, the AMP team visited 21 cities in 10 countries around the world!

In 2019, we’ll be traveling to at least 20 more cities. We’re kicking things off with our very first visit to Africa, including stops in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. You’ll find us in cities with established web development communities, but we’ll be increasing our efforts to go to places with newer web developers.

We’ll be showing off all of AMP’s new advanced features, but we also want to meet programmers and site owners who are newer to the web. We think AMP is a great place to start! Consequently we’ll be adding more chances to build your first AMP site, ask questions, and give us feedback. And we’ll feature new talks and demos as the year goes on.

We’ll add more destinations throughout the year. In the meantime, you can sign up now for the following events:

We can’t wait to meet you all in person. Come say hello!

Welcome to the AMP Roadshow 2019. First stop: Africa!